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SAIL GLOBAL, full company name „Sailing Adventure Global”, was founded in year 2019 from Christian Schwarzmann together with Co-Founder Ran Zhan (Jane). 


Our Mission is to encourage and inspire people to enjoy their valuable leisure time by sailing and incorporating the beauty of our nature, water and wind. 

Find your spirit and freedom of life! 

Our aim is to offer high-end tailor-made “sea travel adventure” products for smaller groups.

A new way of combining the feeling of sailing (wind, waves, sunshine) with nature (beach, sand, vegetations) and local cultures (villages, cities, local restaurants).


Beside sailing, we also provide tours for River Cruising, Expedition Cruises, Active tours (Hiking, Trekking, Bike, Kayak), Wellness (Yoga, Mediations, Spa), National Geographic’s trips and Family tours.

But also Sailing courses and tours for Company Events (Team-building, Workshops, Incentive tours).


Christian is Austrian, and even Austria is not directly at the sea side he love sailing since his childhood. He got sailing experience around many amazing destinations in the world – Caribbean, Mediterranean sea, Indian Ocean and Asia.

He is also sailing instructor for the ASA (American Sailing Association) system. 

In year 2014, Christian moved to China, Shanghai, working as a Managing Director for a German global company. Being in China does not mean for him to stop sailing. After investigations and talking to people from sailing community, he recognized very soon that this kind of travel style is not very common here in China and even not existing. So, no offer available on the domestic market. Later  Christian decided to devote his life passion on sailing and establish a company offering professional sailing travel service to Asian people for the purpose to inspire and enable them to enjoy the beauty of sailing.

Jane supported the idea by using her network and inspired many different Chinese groups to go abroad and try Sailing, a new lifestyle travel opportunity. 


Thanks all the people who joined us and gave us valuable feedback we understood more about Chinese requirements. We adjusted our tours accordingly to be able to provide best service and best suitable itinerary.

Now we are ready for the coming future on various destinations globally.


Jane has rich experience on international travel, knowing many hidden places which are beside the main stream travel locations and therefore not crowded. She has big passion to learn constantly new things and explore new destinations, adventures and local cultures. She likes to share all her experience and findings with other people. 

At SAIL GLOBAL, she is focusing on business development and ensure that we create products which are fitting to local Chinese requirements.  


All the best,

Jane & Christian

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